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Corporate Wellness


Studies show that by implementing a corporate wellness program and promoting a culture of activity, companies can enjoy a healthier, physically active and more productive workforce, as well as lower healthcare costs. In fact, 40 percent of employees agree that having an employer-sponsored wellness program would encourage them to stay in their current employment situation.

Omron Healthcare offers a number of wellness products that can help your workforce monitor their progress in achieving a healthier, more active lifestyle. Whether their goal is to maintain or improve overall health, lose weight or get more energy in their daily life, physical activity is essential to staying healthy. Studies have shown that pedometer use increases physical activity by just over 2,000 steps, or about 1 mile of walking per day.

Be recognized as a company that cares for its employees’ health. For more information about the Omron Healthcare Corporate Wellness Purchasing Program, contact us today at 847/247-5675 or by email.

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