What is Sleep? Learn More and Get Tips for Daylight Saving 2018

Thursday, March 15th, 2018 | by

Daylight Saving Time 2018 begins March 11. Which way should you turn the clock? Always remember this trick:

“Spring forward, and fall back.”

If it isn’t clear, this means:

  • In spring, set your clocks forward
  • In fall, set your clocks back

For many, March 11, 2018 will bring confusion, missed appointments and griping. But there’s a reason someone thought to invent DST a century ago. What was it? Here’s what we do know about Daylight Saving Time and don’t know about sleep.

What is Sleep?

Regardless of its purpose, sleep is clearly something we need. Daylight Savings is a good time to revisit our sleep habits for the sake of health and well-being.