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Chronic Pain Solved with Simple Everyday Solution

Monday, September 14th, 2015 | by

Maintaining your dynamic lifestyle while trying to manage chronic pain can be an overwhelming challenge. The activities that make up your routine, from gardening to walking the dog, become a test of your tolerance for pain and constant discomfort. Though it may not be realistic to expect to be completely pain free, reducing discomfort without impeding the activities in your daily life is the goal of many coping with chronic pain on a daily basis. There are many proven methods for reducing pain and increasing your comfort on a day to day basis that do not require prescription medications; Hot baths, Heating Pads, Deep Rubs, Breathing Exercises and use of a TENS Unit. Learn more about these methods and how one of these many solutions may work for you.

Heart Health, Metabolism and Mood boosted by Regular Walks

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 | by

Walking is a simple form of exercise and an activity that can be part of a healthy lifestyle, anytime and anywhere. Adding a regular walking routine to your schedule will not only benefit your waistline, heart health, and brain but your mood, as well. Most people find that walking, as an exercise regime is easy to sustain over a lifetime and offers many great health benefits. Leisure walking and mild physical activity can minimize depression, kick-start metabolism, aid in weight management and heart health, and enhance cognition and overall brain health. Read more for tips on sustaining a healthy technique and ways to track your progress, help you to build a routine and stay on track with your fitness goals. Take the first step to a healthy heart, healthy life and a happy you!