Become an OMRON Authorized Internet Retailer

If you are interested in being listed as an OMRON Authorized Retailer, please review the requirements set forth in our Authorized Retailer Policy prior to completing the Authorized Retailer Inquiry Form. All Authorized Resellers are expected to adhere to our MAP Policy. OMRON does not give one time authorizations or exceptions to the authorization criteria.

Incomplete applications or applications missing requested documentation will not be reviewed.

Completion and return of the Inquiry Form does not constitute acceptance by OMRON or approval as an Authorized Retailer. OMRON reserves the right at its sole discretion to deny authorization for any reason. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the inquiry submission and review process.

Applicants must be located in the United States to apply to become an Authorized Retailer through this program. Failure to comply with all of the terms in OMRON’s Authorized Retailer Policy will result in suspension or termination of your account. If you are willing to comply with the Authorized Retailer Policy, fill out and submit the Inquiry Form below. An OMRON representative will contact you with your inquiry status within 4-6 weeks.

Authorized Retailer Inquiry Form