6 Healthy & Helpful Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Monday, November 21st, 2016 | by

Ever buy a yoga DVD for a friend who does yoga or a gym membership for your spouse? There’s an altruistic good conscious feeling to giving someone you care about a healthy holiday gift. If you have someone on your gift list that could benefit from a different kind of holiday gift this year, why not buy something good for them? They may even thank you more than if you bought them another tie or scented candle. Here’s six healthy holiday gift ideas:

  1. The OMRON 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (BP786N)

Monitor your blood pressure anytime anywhere. The OMRON 10 Series® Wireless Bluetooth Smart home blood pressure monitor (BP786N) wirelessly connects to select Apple or Android devices and features graphs and charts to read your BP at a glance on your smart device. This blood pressure monitor also allows you to email and share your readings with your physician or family member so you can track your measurements and take steps to manage your heart.

  1. Filtered Water Bottle

Make it easy for your loved one to stay hydrated when they work out and gift them a couple of filtered water bottles. Since drinking water is essential to your health, encourage it by giving great filtered water bottles. They come in stainless or BPA-free plastic and filtered water is more affordable than bottled, plus it tastes better than tap and is cleaner for the environment than purchasing dozens of plastic spring water bottles.

  1. CSA Membership

Does your mother need to eat more produce, would your sister eat healthier if fruits and vegetables were at her fingertips? One excellent way to make that happen is to gift a CSA (community support agriculture) membership. They work similarly in most cities but the gist is that every week a box of fresh, organic or farm grown seasonal fruits and vegetables are delivered to your door. You can typically subscribe to small, medium or large boxes depending on if you’re cooking for one or a family. It’s an excellent way to plan healthy menus, introduce yourself to a variety of seasonal produce and eat healthier.

  1. KardiaMobile EKG

The KardiaMobile EKG by AliveCor enables your loved one to take a proactive role in their heart health by providing the ability to record medical-grade EKGs anytime, anywhere. Kardia can show whether your heart rhythm is normal or if atrial fibrillation (a leading cause of stroke) is detected in your EKG in a quick and simple 30 seconds. Kardia provides accurate results, and the mobile device makes it easy to share EKG data with your doctor, an important step for someone monitoring their heart for health reasons. The heart monitor works with both Apple iOS and most Android smartphones and tablets and requires downloading the free Kardia app.

  1. Fitness Tracker

Got a walker, jogger or someone getting serious about their activity on your list? Gifting a fitness tracker may be the gift that keeps them moving. OMRON’s activity tracker, Mira, is a sleek, fashionable bracelet that looks as pretty as it is sophisticated. It tracks steps, calories, fitness and elevation and can be a boon to anyone who’s keeping tabs on their movement. With a smart LED display, the free downloadable app syncs with Mira to record activity and inspire you with health tips and daily motivation.

  1. Lunch Bots

Want to encourage a loved on to carry their healthy lunch more often instead of buying fast food or fatty restaurant lunches? Give them a Lunch Bot. These newfangled stainless steel, plastic and BPA-free lunch boxes are roomy enough for the basics and encourage a well-balanced, nutritious lunch from home. Eliminating the need for plastic containers and baggies with divided compartments for soups, a healthy sandwich, fruit and salad compartments, they make a great addition to a healthy living plan.