HeartGuide Lets You Keep Upbeat About Your Health

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Original article by Matthew Croft of Gadget User

A person measuring their blood pressure with the OMRON HeartGuide watchThe medical world is always coming up with innovative new devices and Japanese-based firm OMRON Healthcare, Inc., has developed the HeartGuide blood pressure monitor that is designed in the form of a smartwatch to keep an eye on your blood pressure as well as other heart-health data.

The HeartGuide is easy to use as it comes with a large face that gives the user all the information they need almost instantaneously, displaying both blood pressure and pulse within just a few seconds.

To record the information, the user has to simply push a button, position the device over their heart and the watch will measure the user’s blood pressure and pulse to produce the necessary information within about 30 seconds.

Like all smart electronic devices, HeartGuide has been loaded with technology to make it both practical and efficient for the user with features including:

  • Syncs with its partner HeartAdvisor app which can correlate all the data into different patterns such as recording logs, charting comparisons depending on tasks and times and can also compare readings with averages from national health statistics
  • In partnership with the app, the device can be programmed to monitor sleeping patterns, track daily steps and stay connected via its smartwatch features
  • The battery can last up to 7 days without charge and the 2-cm diameter watch face makes it easy to see all the information in a clear and concise fashion

With the ability to measure all your vitals and sync with apps to open up a host of options, OMRON’s HeartGuide is a handy tool for tracking fitness as well as being a simple yet effective way of monitoring your health and learning how your daily activities affect your blood pressure.


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