How To Choose the Right TENS Unit

Friday, May 15th, 2015 | by

If you’re ready to take more control over your pain management without adding a new prescription to your routine, OMRON’s Electrotherapy TENS units are a great way to ease your multiple aches and pains. You can find them in the pain relief aisle near the heating pads or rubs and creams in major retail drugstores across the country and available online.

Although there are other over-the-counter TENS units to choose from, OMRON’s TENS units have more features that are simple to control, more powerful, and designed to treat more than one pain.  If you only have one pain in one body part, the other less expensive choices are acceptable alternatives.

But if you have more than one pain, you will need something more versatile and powerful for real pain relief.

TENS Units: An Introduction

TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy, is a drug-free way to control pain. Here’s how it works. A TENS machine produces millions of tiny electrical impulses which:

  • Block pain messages from being sent to your brain. When you place the reusable TENS pads on the source of your pain, the electrical impulses move fast, traveling to your brain and overriding the pain impulses, helping you feel less pain.
  • Increase endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. Endorphins make us feel good—these neurotransmitters, chemicals that pass signals from one neuron to the next, impact how our central nervous system works.
  • Improve blood circulation, a common cause of general aches and pains as well as some kinds of arthritis.

Choosing the Right TENS Device

OMRON Electrotherapy has a family of TENS units, and while each will help reduce your pain level, one might be better-suited to your needs than another.

All of OMRON’s TENS products have some similarities. They:

  • Come with many different built-in modes for applying to multiple body pains
  • Feature multiple intensity-levels for different pain levels
  • Are FDA-cleared
  • Provide relief in as few as 15 minutes
  • Can be used 3 times a day
  • Have simple features and large buttons
  • Are portable—bring them with you to work or when you travel
  • Can be used by multiple family members
  • Can be used with reusable Long Life Pads in two sizes

Get to know the TENS Unit family:

OMRON TENS UnitsTo meet the needs of a variety of people, OMRON has created TENS devices at affordable prices that offer a variety of different features.

When selecting the device that’s best for you, think about your pain points. While all of OMRON’s units work on the entire body, you might want to consider the MAX Power Relief unit for larger muscle groups or more chronic, intense pain, for example.

Here’s what is unique about each of the TENS units:

Max Power Relief by OMRON Electrotherapy PM3032

The newest TENS product, the Max Power Relief TENS Unit, offers 2 times the power of other TENS units.    In addition to more power, it also offers more choices and opportunities to customize your care all while still being easy and simple to use.

You can choose from 9 modes and 15 intensity levels—pick the one appropriate for your pain level, OR use the massage modes to relax. You can only use one mode at a time.  Choose one of the 6 pain modes for the arm, lower back, foot, leg, shoulder, joint, OR choose one of the massage-like modes of tap, rub and knead.  The 15 levels of power allow you to choose just the right amount of power to reach your pain.

The MAX Power Relief is perfect for people with multiple pain points of moderate to chronic pain levels, and for family members sharing a device.

The Pain Relief Pro by OMRON Electrotherapy PM3031

This simple, unit that’s about the size of your smartphone, features 5 preset pain modes, 3 relaxing massage modes and 10 intensity levels.  You can choose from one of the 5 pain modes for the arm, lower back, foot, leg, OR you can choose from one of the 3 massage-like modes of joint, and tap, rub and knead for those of you with multiple pains.

You’ll always know what’s happening with the large screen displaying time left, intensity, mode, low battery and pad warning icon.

The Pain Relief Pro TENS Unit is great for people who experience medium intensity pain weekly, in more than one body part, and for those who plan on sharing it with other family members.

OMRON Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device PM3030

Small, Simple, yet Powerful!  The PM3030 TENS Unit unit is the perfect on-the-go unit that is surprisingly tiny.  It’s ergonomically shaped main unit fits comfortably in your hand with 1 mode button that toggles between 3 pre-set modes and an up and down button for 5 intensity modes.  It’s so simple yet effective on pain relief.  The Pain Relief Device is great for people who experience lower to medium pain levels and muscle soreness.

Where Does It Hurt?

When selecting a device, it’s also important to choose the pads that are best for the areas of your body you are treating.

The Long Life Pads are specifically designed to work with all of the OMRON TENS Electrotherapy TENS units.

OMRON’s Long Life Pads:

  • Can be used 150 times or for five months
  • Are designed for easy, comfortable use on multiple body parts, including joints
  • Are FDA cleared
  • Are Durable and comfortable
  • Can be washed up to 10 times
  • Are ergonomically designed to fit around joints and curves

The Long Life Pads come in two sizes to help you make the most of your TENS device. The standard 2-1/2-inch-by-4-inch size pads are effective in treating multiple body pains (W x H).

And, the Large Long Life Pads (4.75″ H x 3″ W) are specifically designed for larger muscles areas of the body like your back, hips and thighs.

Whichever device you choose, you will experience an increase in freedom and more control over your pain management.