FAQs: Omron Wellness | Omron Fitness Mobile App

OMRON Fitness Mobile App FAQs | Wirelessly transfer data from your Alvita device to your smartphone and upload your readings to the app & Wellness site.

What is the Omron Fitness mobile app?

A mobile app (or application) is software designed to run on your smartphone or other hand-held device. The Omron Fitness mobile app lets you wirelessly transfer data from your Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker to your smartphone and upload your readings to our Fitness app and Wellness website.

What devices and Omron Products are compatible with the Omron Fitness Mobile App?

Click here for a complete list of compatible devices.

How much does the Fitness mobile app cost?

Our mobile app is available for FREE.

Where can I download the OMRON Fitness mobile app?

Download Free on App Store or Google Play. The OMRON Fitness Mobile app is only available in the United States and is not supported in other countries.

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How do I pair my tracker and device for the first time?

Open the Omron Fitness app and follow the instructions or view our video tutorial.

Do I have to pair my tracker and phone every time I want to transfer data?

No. The only time you’ll need to pair your devices again is if you select “Forget This Device” in your phone’s Bluetooth® settings.

What if I’m unable to pair my devices?

If you don’t see pairing confirmation, please do the following:

  1. Make sure your activity tracker is turned on and close to your phone (shake the tracker 2 or 3 times in any direction to turn on the display).
  2. Verify that Bluetooth® has been enabled on your phone.

If you are still unable to pair, view our video tutorial or contact Customer Care at 866.216.1333 and select the option for “Connected Products”.

My low battery light is blinking/my battery died, what do I need to do?

If you see a battery symbol blinking on your tracker, you should replace your battery as soon as possible. Once you change your battery, you will need to pair your tracker to your smartphone or other mobile device again or it will not work.

I'm unable to pair my device to my iPhone, what should I do?

It’s possible you may have too many devices paired to your iPhone. Go to the Bluetooth® settings in your phone and check to see how many devices you have paired. Remove any unused devices by selecting “forget this device”, and then follow the steps to pair your tracker to your phone.

I'm unable to transfer my data to my phone / my app is crashing when I try to sync my tracker with my phone, what do I do?

When syncing your data from the tracker to your smartphone, at least 1.6MB of memory needs to be available. If not, the data won’t transfer or the app may crash. Check the memory in your phone, and delete any items you may not be using or clear your cache. Then, follow the instructions to sync your data to the Omron Fitness app.

Am I able to manually input, edit or remove activity readings in the Fitness app?

No, those functions are not supported.

Is there a limit to the number of readings the Fitness app will hold?

No. However, there is a limit to the number of readings the activity tracker can store (up to 14 days of data). When memory is full, the tracker will automatically delete the oldest readings. You should sync your data regularly to maintain a complete history.

How do I change my password on the Fitness app?

Tap the “three bars” icon (upper-right corner) of your app screen. This will open the sidebar menu. Then, select “Profile” and tap “Password” to edit.

If I change my password on the Fitness app, do I need to change my password on the website?

No, that’s not necessary; however if you set up an account at OmronWellness.com you need to use the same password.

What if I forget my password or email address?

Please keep your email address handy. You can use it to reset your own password through the Wellness website or mobile app. If you forget your email, your password cannot (unfortunately) be reset.

Can I use the Fitness app on my tablet?

Yes, depending on the model and system. Please see the compatibility chart.

Can I delete my Omron Fitness App from my phone/device?

Yes, but you will need to also delete your account at OmronWellness.com.