Your patient’s heart-health information, from their home to your office

The VitalSight remote patient monitoring program relies upon connected medical devices that enable patients to make a commitment to regular heart-health monitoring from the comfort of their homes.

What is VitalSight?

It’s an innovative program for everyone who takes their overall health seriously and wants to try to prevent a heart attack or stroke.

How Does VitalSight Work?

VitalSight provides a proactive approach to healthcare for hypertension.

With VitalSight, you can remotely monitor your patient’s hypertension. It gives your patients the ability to take in-home blood pressure and/or weight measurements and receive them directly to your office’s electronic medical records (EMR) system. Based on thresholds you set, you will be flagged of any measurements outside of the ranges you provide, which allows you and your staff the ability to provide proactive and corrective treatment during non-critical or critical moments.

VitalSight provides the flexibility for physicians to determine which devices should be sent to a patient’s home that will contain some or all of the following items:

  • An OMRON blood pressure monitor

  • An OMRON body weight scale

  • A data hub (with charger)


Works with existing workflow

  • EMR prompts clinician
  • Clinician enrolls patient
  • Clinician determines devices (BP monitor/Scale)


No device costs or onsite setup

  • Clinician sends orders to VitalSight
  • VitalSight pairs applicable devices to data hub
  • Devices sent directly to patient’s home
  • Patient sets up devices at home


Pre-analyzed data enters EMR

  • Data is analyzed real-time in the cloud
  • Normal readings to patient’s chart
  • Abnormal readings trigger EMR alert
  • Customized alert parameters available


Positive cash flow from day 1

  • Generates revenue from first interaction
  • Uses fully automated claim submission

Home blood pressure monitoring with VitalSight

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