Free To Do What Moves You Again

Introducing Omron electroTHERAPY TENS Pain Relief. Life is meant to be lived – on your terms and pain-free. This easy-to-use and handy TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) will help deliver at-home electrotherapy pain relief when you need it most. Discover how Omron’s TENS Unit can help you pursue your passions and be free to live again.

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Omron's ElectroTHERAPY equipment allows you to be free to live again. You may personalize your therapy with interchangeable programs and different intensity levels. This drug-free therapy is designed for use on multiple body parts or by different family members. No prescription is needed and this is FDA cleared. Click here to view the TENS Unit Comparison Chart and here to view the Long Life Pads Comparison Chart.

ElectroTHERAPY TENS Long Life™ Pad Club

  • Club subscription includes four sets of pads, one set delivered automatically every three months at a discounted price of $14.99 each shipment
  • Join club for free and save $20 annually


ElectroTHERAPY TENS Long Life Pads – PMLLPAD

  • Contains two Long Life replacement pads
  • FDA cleared and prescription free for home use


ElectroTHERAPY TENS Long Life™ Pads – Large – PMLLPAD-L

  • Pads for larger muscles & pains (back, hip, thigh)
  • Contains two Long Life Large replacement pads
  • Includes sturdy plastic holder for pad storage


ElectroTHERAPY TENS Pain Relief Unit – PM3030

  • Small, portable and easy-to-use
  • Features three pre-set programs (arm, lower back and leg/foot), each with five levels of therapy
  • FDA cleared and prescription free for home use


ElectroTHERAPY TENS Pain Relief Pro Unit – PM3031

  • Smart-phone sized unit for great portability
  • Easy-to-read screen with large buttons allows for simple operation
  • Versatile, personal TENS unit with 8 pre-set modes offer more pain relief choices or a relaxing massage (arm, lower back, leg, foot, joints; tap, knead, rub)