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Your well-being is a numbers game. To stay ahead, you need to know your stats, chart your progress and set goals. That’s just what our mobile apps and compatible products can help you do. Leading a more fulfilling life begins with having a clearer picture of your health. Register for your free account today!



Download The Omron Connect App

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The Omron Connect app gives you a clear view of your heart health anytime, anywhere. By wirelessly syncing via Bluetooth, you can easily upload, store and view your heart history. It also lets you easily share blood pressure data with family or physicians. And it even keeps track of your weight—so you can achieve your health goals. Users can also set up a free account at Omron’s companion website

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Download The Omron Wellness App

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With the Omron Blood Pressure Wellness App, you can wirelessly sync your readings to your smartphone or tablet. Once you log in, you can easily track your history and detect any changes in your blood pressure over time. Users can also set up a free account at Omron’s companion website

Compatible Blood Pressure Monitors

*Connects via USB

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Download The Omron Fitness App

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Your Omron Fitness product collects all sorts of data about your exercise activities. All of your information is easily synced here from the Omron Fitness mobile app or device to your own personal dashboard. Viewable on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, it’s a running record of your activity. Users can also set up a free account at Omron’s companion website

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