Introducing VitalSight by OMRON

What is VitalSight

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How much does this program cost? The great news is that the devices are provided at no cost to patients! Depending upon their coverage, many will even pay nothing for the service – specifcally those with Medicare*, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage.

*Medicare may require a co-pay of $10-20/month, but that small amount could prevent an expensive emergency room visit or hopsital bill.

Want to reduce the number of visits to the doctor's office?

Ask your doctor about the OMRON VitalSight program

How Does VitalSight Work

With an order from your doctor and just a few minutes of your day, you and your doctor can strive to prevent a cardic event together. Physicans will determine which of the following devices their patient’s will recieve and a box will be shipped to the patient’s home containing all or some of the following items:

What are these items for?

  • Blood pressure monitors: blood pressure readings provides one of the best insights into real-time heart and overall health information. OMRON monitors are the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand, so you can be confident in the readings.
  • Body weight scales: monitoring weight regularly can uncover insights about heart health and body composition can help predict cardiovascular disease.
  • Mobile data hub: the hub allows patient data to be sent directly to their doctor’s office.

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