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  • Compatible with existing workflow

    Clinician interactions happen within the EMR or the VitalSight Dashboard.

  • No setup or device costs

    VitalSight sends devices directly to patients and provides setup support.

  • Actionable data is generated in near real time

    Abnormal readings trigger an EMR or VitalSight Dashboard alert for clinician intervention.

  • Positive cash flow from day one

    Easy claim-reporting process that generates revenue from first interaction.

How Does VitalSight Work?

VitalSight starts with a digital blood pressure monitor from OMRON, the #1 doctor- and pharmacist-recommended brand and, if desired, a digital body weight scale. Through a cellular connected data hub, these devices keep patients connected to their clinicians for proactive care.
Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Body Weight Scale

Body Weight Scale

Data Hub

Data Hub

With this technology, my grandfather has the ability to essentially, ‘check in’ every day with his healthcare provider from the comfort of his home.

- Nora

It helps bridge the gap between checkups, and we are so glad to have this tool while we work to maintain his health and quality of life.

- Aaron


Dr. Ajay Madhani talks about the benefits of remote patient monitoring with VitalSight.

VitalSight has demonstrated to me the value of having alerts and appropriate heart health data to make medical management, critical treatment plans, or preventive assessments that avoid heart attacks and kidney failure.

- Ajay A. Madhani, MD, FACP

This introductory video provides an overview of VitalSight remote patient monitoring.

This Device Could Save Your Life

See how Dr. Lucas uses VitalSight in her clinic to help patients manage their health.

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with VitalSight by OMRON

The CDC says 37 million U.S. adults are at risk for heart disease and stroke with uncontrolled Stage 2 hypertension.This link will redirect you to the footnote with a title “Facts About Hypertension,” Center for Disease Control, accessed at That’s why we’re Going for Zero—the elimination of heart attack and stroke.

The VitalSight RPM service was developed in pursuit of that mission. We are committed to providing actionable data that helps clinicians and patients improve outcomes with better health management.

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Help your patients Go for Zero

The VitalSight RPM service makes it easy – and cost-effective – to guide patients to proactively track their health.

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