Vital Sight Remote Patient Monitoring

What is VitalSight?

This program is for everyone who takes their overall health seriously and wants to try to prevent a heart attack or stroke. The VitalSight remote patient monitoring program relies upon connected medical devices that enables patients to make a commitment to regular heart health monitoring from the comfort of their homes.

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VitalSight may identify warning signs of a heart attack or stroke before they happen.

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 VitalSight Quick Start Guide

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How Does VitalSight Work?

VitalSight provides a proactive approach to healthcare.
With VitalSight, physicians can remotely monitor their patient’s health. This program is designed to allow patients the ability to take in-home blood pressure and/or weight measurements. Physicians are able to order and receive patient data directly from their electronic medical records (EMR). These insights allow clinicians the ability to provide proactive and corrective treatment during non-critical or critical moments.

VitalSight provides the flexibility for physicians to determine which devices should be sent to a patient’s home that will contain some or all of the following items:

Discover how impactful VitalSight has been for Nora and her family:

We are so grateful for this new technology. It has provided us with a peace of mind we didn’t even know we needed. My grandfather is in his nineties and suffers from heart and kidney issues that put his health at risk. His mobility is limited so frequent visits to his doctor would be physically exhausting. We were relying on monthly checkups to monitor his condition. Now, he has the ability to essentially “check in” every day with his health care provider from the comfort of home. The best part is the ease of use. All we have to do is have him step on the scale and use the blood pressure monitor a couple of times a day. The information is automatically sent to his doctor. With this set up, we can all be proactive about adjusting his medications or seeking treatment if something is wrong. It helps bridge the gap between checkups and every day life and we are so glad to have this tool while we work to maintain my grandfather’s health and quality of life. 

- Nora

Need more information on VitalSight?

Healthcare professionals, please complete the form below and a VitalSight specialist will contact you to discuss the benefits of and how to get started. Learn more about VitalSight, including how it works, benefits and FAQs, in the two downloads below. 

If you are a patient and believe VitalSight may be right for you, we encourage you to learn more about the VitalSight program and share the information with your physician.

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