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Fitness Devices

Stay Ahead of Your Game

Omron’s Alvita line of pedometers and an activity tracker, as well as our digital scale and body composition monitors, are each held to Omron’s high standards of technological precision.

Because when it comes to managing and maintaining your health, it’s important to know exactly how many steps you’ve taken, if you’re hitting your target heart rate and what your BMI is. Omron helps make things a little easier getting, being, and staying healthy by providing products that are accurate, simple to use, and consistent. From pedometers to body composition monitors, Omron helps make a healthy lifestyle a bit of an easier choice. That way you can see more than numbers, you can start to see results.

The Omron Fitness App

Download Free on App Store or Google Play

Omron has married their accurate technology with connectivity. With the free Omron Fitness app, users can wirelessly sync their achievements to their smartphone (or other mobile device) so they can know their stats anywhere, anytime.

  • View data by day, week, month or year
  • Set goals and earn badges for achievements
  • App holds unlimited data
  • Transfer data using Bluetooth on your mobile device

Get More Online

Users can also set up a free account at Omron’s companion website

  • Download & share fitness activity
  • Access & chart all historical data
  • Participate in fitness & health challenges
  • Connect wireless Omron blood pressure monitor