Heart Health, Metabolism and Mood boosted by Regular Walks

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 | by

Shake Up Your Walking Routine

Shake Up Your Walking Routine

With a little guidance and the desire to take control of your heart health and well being, taking the first step is all it takes!

Walking is a simple form of exercise and an activity that can be part of a healthy lifestyle, anytime and anywhere. The American Heart Association has endorsed walking as one of the simplest positive changes that a person can make to improve heart health.

In addition, most people find that walking, as an exercise regime is easy to sustain over a lifetime, requires little or no specialized gear, and offers many great health benefits.

Adding an exercise routine to your schedule will not only benefit your waistline, heart health, and brain but your mood, as well. Moving in your environment and enjoying the scenery is a proven way to lift your spirits and help you see things in a more positive light. Walking in an enjoyable setting can actually cause physical changes in your brain that will help you manage stress and fret less.

Studies find that leisure walking and mild physical activity can minimize depression, kick-start metabolism, aid in weight management and heart health, and enhance cognition and overall brain health.
A recent study by the American Cancer Society has found that the benefit of moderate activity, as little as 2.5 hours per week, lowered the risk of death by 31% compared to those who got no leisure-time activity.

Maintaining a healthy weight significantly improves your chances of avoiding a lifetime of chronic illness. Even moderate activity can contribute to overall wellness and it has been well established that regular walks of 150 moderate-intensity minutes per week of aerobic activity provide substantial heart health benefits by reducing belly fat and speeding up your metabolism.

Tips on technique and ways to track your progress help you to build a routine and stay on track with your fitness goals. Adding an activity tracker to measure distance, calculate steps, and calories, make it easy for you to stay motivated and knowledgeable about your progress. Activity trackers are wireless, simple to use, won’t interfere with your workout, and are easily integrated with phone apps.

Take the first step to a healthy heart, healthy life and a happy you!