OMRON was Honored at 10th Annual HealthCorps® Gala

Friday, May 20th, 2016 | by

OMRON Healthcare, Inc., was honored at the 10th Annual HealthCorps® Gala hosted by Dr. Mehmet and Lisa Oz, the celebrity cardiothoracic surgeon and Emmy-winning talk show host and his wife, on May 10.
President and CEO of OMRON, Ranndy Kellogg, accepted the Golden Heart Honors, an award bestowed for remarkable efforts and leadership in promoting health and wellness among children.

dr-oz-healthcorps-gala-2016OMRON, the maker of a variety of pedometers and activity trackers that encourage youth fitness and promote cardiovascular health and obesity prevention, aims to instill an understanding of heart health and the importance of self-care from an early age.

“Future generations, given the right information, education and technology, could be the first to live in a ‘zero event’ world – one with zero heart attacks and strokes,” said Kellogg. “OMRON is proud to support the mission of HealthCorps and honored by the recognition of our efforts.”

Dr. Oz, co-founder of HealthCorps and host of the gala said, “Our honorees embody the core values of our organization and we’re grateful for their leadership and commitment. Promoting and protecting the health of America’s children requires the cooperation and collaboration of a whole community – non-profit organizations, the medical establishment and visionary businesses, like OMRON Healthcare.”

OMRON, a leading blood pressure monitor developer has studied patient behavior for the past 40 years. We use the acquired information to continually advance heart health technology. Our technology-inspired products are completely mobile and user-friendly, which help consumers collaborate with their doctor and take real time measurements to avoid events and improve health.

The gala theme, “A Walk Through our Rose Garden” raised money for HealthCorps to continue their mission of educating youth about the dangers of childhood obesity and the importance of physical fitness, nutrition and mental resilience, objectives OMRON holds at its core with its encouragement of fitness tracking and pedometer products to monitor physical fitness.

OMRON’s Alvita line of pedometers and digital activity trackers are petite yet powerful. The wireless Alvita even allows the user to transfer fitness data wirelessly to a smartphone via a free app with Bluetooth technology. It is easy to record steps, aerobic steps, distance and calories burned to help encourage and set realistic fitness goals.

To learn more about HealthCorps®, visit their website