New Heart Health Education Components Arrive on OMRON Connect Mobile App

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OMRON Healthcare celebrates Heart Health Month with new education components providing tips for AFib identification, quality sleep, healthy recipes, and lifestyle changes that may help reduce heart attack and stroke risk


HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, February 28, 2023 – Global heart health leader OMRON Healthcare is celebrating Heart Health Month with new education components in its OMRON Connect mobile app, which syncs with every connected blood pressure monitor from the brand.

The new OMRON Connect education components include quick-read articles on topics like AFib identification, study summaries, infographics, healthy recipes, and tips for lifestyle and behavior change that may help reduce one’s heart attack and stroke risk.

“Education is a centerpiece of how we are pursuing our Going for Zero mission to eliminate heart attack and stroke. An educated consumer can take charge of their heart health and can take real steps to live a longer, healthier life,” said OMRON Healthcare Senior Product Manager Christian Nikolopoulos.

Nikolopoulos noted the difference even basic education can make with cardiac conditions such as AFib and other irregular heartbeats. “AFib accounts for 1-in-7 strokes and millions of people may be unaware that they are living with this condition. So, our new OMRON Connect education components include quick-read articles to help consumers gain a better understanding of conditions like AFib, how it is identified, and how to talk to your doctor about appropriate treatment,” said Nikolopoulos.

Recent studies show detection and management of AFib could reduce stroke risk by two-thirds.1 Other OMRON Connect education components include tips for a good night’s sleep, heart-healthy foods to add to your diet, practical ways to stick to your exercise plan, and guidance for healthy living. All of which, says the American Heart Association, are part of Life’s Essential 8™ Health Behaviors and Factors, the key measures for improving and maintaining cardiovascular health.2

OMRON Connect syncs with all of OMRON’s connected blood pressure monitors, including Complete by OMRON, the first blood pressure monitor with built-in EKG for detection of irregular heartbeat. All OMRON Connect users can access at least two articles, while premium users will be able to review all quick-read articles.

OMRON Connect was recently selected as a TWICE Picks Awards winner, which recognized the app as an outstanding digital health service that helps users understand their heart health and coach them to behavior change that can reduce their health risk.

OMRON Connect is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play stores and boasts a 4.5+-star rating from users of both platforms. It also features a premium paid subscription option that gives users access to data analytics through more detailed health reports.

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