OMRON Healthcare Announces Evolution in its Company Goal: “Going for Zero™” Aims to Eliminate Heart Attacks & Strokes

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Long-time market leader of at-home heart health and wellness devices says employees, product development and innovation will be dedicated to the “Going for Zero” mandate

LAKE FOREST, Illinois (December 22, 2016) – OMRON Healthcare, Inc., the market leader in heart health and wellness technology, today announced a bold evolution in its company mission – a focus on the elimination of heart attacks and strokes.

OMRON leadership said employees will be dedicated to the “Going for Zero” mandate, as will product development and innovation. In pursuit of this mission, OMRON today launched a national public awareness and education program designed to influence the national conversation on heart health and to galvanize individuals, medical professionals, business partners and policy makers into prioritizing eradication of a common cause of death.

“OMRON Healthcare has grown to become the global leader in heart health technology. We are dedicating our decades of experience, our investment in blood pressure monitor innovation and our knowledge gained from listening to millions of our consumers to pursue this Going for Zero mission,” said Ranndy Kellogg, president & CEO of OMRON Healthcare.

“We firmly believe it is in our collective power to manage the conditions and risk factors that cause heart attacks and strokes. At OMRON, we believe – and we are investing in – a paradigm shift in heart health management, which pairs advanced technology with widespread education and mobilization of resources can achieve our goal,” said Kellogg.

Citing precedent, Kellogg noted that, while ambitious, the Going for Zero goal is attainable.  “There was a time when diseases like polio ravaged hundreds of thousands and claimed lives. History shows the combination of innovation, advances in treatment and education to drive behavior change, can work together to help us overcome threats to our health.”

Since OMRON invented its first home blood pressure monitors more than 40 years ago, the company has been a leader in technologically advanced blood pressure monitors – medical devices that meet FDA standards for accuracy and enable people to monitor their key risk factor for heart attack and stroke – blood pressure – at home.

Evolving the technology over time, OMRON creates devices that are unprecedented in terms of accuracy, ease of use, portability and connectivity. Its newest wireless devices, including upper arm and wrist monitors, integrate with mobile apps to allow convenient, easy access to health information through a smart phone or tablet; tracking vital health data and trends that can be shared with doctors and other caregivers, often improving quality of care.

“Encouraging regular monitoring of blood pressure is just one component of Going for Zero,” said Kellogg. “There are basic tenets of heart health many people have yet to embrace – like regular exercise, a healthier diet, managing stress and breaking poor habits like smoking. As a nation, we need a concerted effort to make these behavioral changes a priority.”

OMRON kicked off Going for Zero with its own employees at its U.S. headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois. Kellogg hosted a meeting and Q&A with OMRON employees who signed a pledge to work toward a world with zero heart attacks and zero strokes.

As part of the national education campaign, OMRON launched a website which includes a pledge visitors can take to be part of the Going for Zero mission. OMRON will undertake an advertising campaign and a physician outreach program to boost awareness of Going for Zero and educate about heart health. OMRON also is preparing to announce new partnerships with health organizations, non-profits and private companies who are joining forces with the heart health technology leader to help make measurable progress toward the zero heart attacks and strokes goal.

More than a quarter of a million users of OMRON devices connect to its mobile app to track and share blood pressure data. As part of its Going for Zero effort, OMRON offers an open API to encourage development and collaboration on apps to promote heart health. OMRON recently announced a partnership with AliveCor, resulting in the first app to combine EKG and blood pressure tracking.

Kellogg himself will be speaking at events around the country to advance the Going for Zero mission, and to seek additional like-minded partners to join the movement. He is next scheduled to address the Digital Health Summit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where OMRON will be debuting its latest Project Zero blood pressure monitors.

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