OMRON Healthcare Remote Patient Monitoring Services Win “Best of” Honors at CES 2022

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VitalSight™ in the U.S., Hypertension Plus in the U.K., Recognized as Outstanding Health Technology at World’s Largest Innovation Show



HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, January 20, 2022 – OMRON Healthcare, Inc., the global leader in remote blood pressure monitoring and personal health technology, spotlighted its new global remote patient monitoring services at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and won “Best of” honors for its programs in the U.S. and the U.K. VitalSight™ by OMRON in the U.S. was recognized as an INSIDER “Best of” CES selection, and Hypertension Plus by OMRON in the U.K. was selected as a TWICE Picks Awards winner for the 2022 TWICE, Residential Systems, and TechRadar Pro Picks Awards.

OMRON remote patient monitoring services gained attention and recognition at the world’s largest innovation show as breakthrough health technologies designed to foster greater active health condition management, strengthen the patient-physician connection, and guide behavior change to reduce health risks and advance the company’s mission of Going for Zero™, the elimination of heart attack and stroke.

“VitalSight was designed to help the 37 million Americans who have uncontrolled Stage 2 hypertension and live every day with a higher risk of heart attack and stroke, and OMRON developed Hypertension Plus as the first step toward transforming chronic care in the U.K.,” said Andre Van Gils, senior general manager, global sales & marketing and executive officer of OMRON Healthcare Corporation Ltd. – Japan.

VitalSight is the first remote patient monitoring service from OMRON Healthcare, an easy-to-use service that a physician can offer to patients with high-risk levels of hypertension. Patients receive a kit delivered to their home that includes an OMRON connected blood pressure monitor and data hub that are pre-set to securely share measurements – digitally – with the patient’s physician and care team. The VitalSight data hub, which can be used at home without Wi-Fi or cellular connection, garnered attention at CES for bridging health care gaps for patients in under-resourced communities.

Insider recognized VitalSight by OMRON on its list of 13 most exciting health, home, and kitchen products of CES 2022. The list brought together high-tech concepts and new products – unveiled at CES 2022 – that you can buy now or later in 2022. Insider cited VitalSight among the “Best of” CES as “life-saving technology” and “great technology for patients who can’t see their doctor regularly because of location, finances, or mobility concerns.” To see the full list, visit Insider.

Hypertension Plus by OMRON is providing a new way of managing hypertension for patients and connecting them to their physicians and care teams in the U.K. The service provides an app that enables patients to work remotely with their physicians to manage their conditions. Medication decisions and actions are communicated to users through the app, while automated reminders and scheduled condition management actions keep the patient engaged in treatment. Hypertension Plus by OMRON is based on the TASMINH research studies, which demonstrated that significant reductions in blood pressure can occur through remote monitoring titration – as represented in Hypertension Plus – a step up from standard care.

In their annual rankings, TWICE, Residential Systems, and TechRadar Pro Picks Awards honor the best and most influential consumer technology. The TWICE Picks Awards Winners 2022 were chosen based on the impact that they are expected to have on the consumer electronic and retail industries. To see the full list, visit TWICE, Residential Systems, or TechRadar Pro.

“Our team, fully committed to our Going for Zero mission, worked diligently to create and launch our remote patient monitoring services around the world,” said Van Gils. “We are fortunate to have such dedicated staff and employees who are passionate about empowering people to take charge of their heart health and saving lives. Congratulations to our team on this extraordinary effort.”

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In addition to showcasing the company’s new remote patient monitoring services at CES 2022, OMRON presented its new OMRON Connect app, which syncs with all OMRON connected blood pressure monitors and serves as a personal heart health coach with insights into one’s blood pressure readings, guidance to manage hypertension, and incentives for behavior change.

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