Worldwide Sales of OMRON Healthcare Blood Pressure Monitors Top 300 Million Units as Company Advances Its Going for Zero Mission

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Important milestone reached in OMRON Healthcare’s mission of eliminating heart attacks and strokes


LAKE FOREST, IL, September 16, 2021 – OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd., announced today that cumulative global sales of its home-use blood pressure monitors have reached more than 300 million units,1 since releasing its first electronic blood pressure monitor nearly 50 years ago. As the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of personal heart health products – and the number one doctor – and pharmacist – recommended blood pressure monitor brand – OMRON Healthcare blood pressure monitors are available in more than 110 countries around the world.

“As we reach this important milestone in pursuit of our mission, I would like to congratulate our employees on this accomplishment, share our thanks to the doctors and pharmacists who recommend OMRON, and let the consumers who chose OMRON know that our most important metric is their health and producing better outcomes,” said OMRON Healthcare, Inc., CEO Ranndy Kellogg. “At OMRON, we are dedicated to saving people’s lives and improving their heart health, and we will continue to work with healthcare providers and consumers to develop innovative solutions in our mission of Going for Zero.”

Today, an estimated one billion adults worldwide have hypertension2, and the number of individuals with cardiovascular diseases caused by hypertension accounts for 17.5 million people3. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally, and patients who manage to survive these events are still high risk for serious side effects. Not only patients, but also their families can be impacted financially and mentally by hypertension, which can put their health as well as quality of life at risk.

From the release of the first OMRON blood pressure monitor in the early 1970s to 2009, OMRON Healthcare achieved cumulative global sales of 100 million units. In the decade since, the number of patients with lifestyle-related diseases dramatically increased on a global scale. Soon afterward, the guidelines for home treatment of hypertension were officially established, and a new behavioral pattern – monitoring blood pressure at home – grew in practice and popularity. As a result, OMRON Healthcare sold the next 100 million units in only seven years. As the practice of home blood pressure monitoring grew, OMRON Healthcare continued to expand its presence globally, and accommodate increasing demand of its blood pressure monitors in America, China, and Europe, as well as developing countries such as India and Brazil.

With its mission of Going for Zero heart attacks and strokes, OMRON Healthcare has increased its focus on home blood pressure monitors, consumer heart health education, collaborating with physicians to boost hypertension management, and transforming the global heart health market with innovations that cast blood pressure monitors to one’s daily lifestyle.


Now, taking this opportunity as a milestone for a new chapter, OMRON Healthcare will continue to analyze market demands and user requirements for devices, and respond to them swiftly with innovative solutions. Furthermore, OMRON continues to accelerate its development of health-management apps for smartphones and remote patient monitoring services that will improve patient-to-physician dialogue around the world. OMRON Healthcare will support home health management and medical activities of healthcare professional with its devices and offer services to help people live more healthy and comfortable lives.

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OMRON Healthcare, Inc., is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of personal heart health products, and an innovator in technologies supporting respiratory and pain management care. With nearly 50 years of medical device category leadership, OMRON is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their health at home through precise technology. Its market-leading products include a full-range of home blood pressure monitors, nebulizers and TENS devices. The company’s mission is Going for Zero, the elimination of heart attacks and strokes. For more information, visit


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