Ask Alexa About Your Blood Pressure Readings

Use the OMRON Health skill for Amazon Alexa with your connected Omron blood pressure monitor and app to conveniently keep track of your heart health.

About Amazon Alexa

About Amazon Alexa

Alexa is the voice-controlled service that seamlessly communicates with the OMRON Connect App through any Alexa-enabled device. Alexa Skills allow you to create a more personalized experience with Alexa. To enable the OMRON Health skill, just say, “Alexa, enable OMRON Health”, and you’re well on your way to better managing your heart health.

The Convenience of Voice Control

With the OMRON Health skill for Amazon Alexa, you can easily monitor and track your blood pressure readings over time while receiving daily reminders, important notifications, and useful tips to keep your heart healthy. Just ask Alexa.

Here are some of the many questions you can ask Alexa using the Omron Health skill:

Check Blood Pressure.
"Alexa, what is my blood pressure?"

Check your Blood Pressure Monthly Average.
“Alexa, what was my blood pressure average this month?”

Receive Blood Pressure Guidelines.
"Alexa, what is the correct posture when taking a blood pressure reading?"

Compare Readings.
“Alexa, compare my readings across the first week of this month and the second week of this month.”

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Compatible OMRON products: BP653, BP654, BP761, BP761N, BP786, BP786N, BP7000, BP7900, BP8000-M