Is Chocolate Really Good for You? We’d Love to Think So.

Friday, February 2nd, 2018 | by

It’s more likely now than it was a decade ago to see the fit, healthy people you know snacking on chocolate between workouts. Is it wishful thinking?


Reviewing modern and historical claims about the health benefits of chocolate, a few things become clear.

  • Throughout time, chocolate has played a role in the medicinal practices of various cultures
  • Modern research has verified many of these traditional uses
  • Of these potential benefits of chocolate, digestive health, antioxidant properties and aspects of heart health appear most relevant and validated
  • Flavonols are the secret behind the health properties of chocolate
  • Dark chocolate is the way to go
  • Watch out for added sugars, fats and other ingredients
  • Naturally sugarless and stocked with fiber, cocoa nibs may be one of the healthiest ways to reap the benefits of chocolate
  • Despite all of its health benefits, chocolate is no replacement for the other fruits and vegetables that offer flavonols

The bottom line: in moderation, chocolate brings a lot to the table.