Platinum Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Model: BP5450

The OMRON Platinum Wireless Bluetooth® Upper Arm home blood pressure monitor has a horizontally designed, dual-display monitor, stores up to 200 readings for two users (100 readings each) and TruRead technology plus a High Morning Average Indicator; includes a wide-range D-ring cuff (fits arms 9" to 17" in circumference).
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Dual LCD Display; Two-User, 200-Reading Storage

shows your last reading right next to your current reading for a convenient and immediate comparison and accommodates two users, storing up to 200 readings (100 readings per user) on one device; also includes AC Adapter

High Morning Average Indicator

calculates your daily morning average blood pressure and alerts you with a “HIGH” symbol on the display if your systolic blood pressure measures 130 mmHg or above, and/or your diastolic blood pressure measures 80 mmHg or above

Wireless Bluetooth Convenience

to sync to the OMRON Connect app on your iOS® or Android® devices (for a list of compatible devices, visit and the OMRON Health skill for Amazon® Alexa®-enabled devices

Backlit LCD Display

features high-contrast, black backlit screen with extra-large numbers for easy-to-read blood pressure results

TruRead Technology

allows you to automatically take 3 consecutive readings at intervals you can customize (15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or the optimal 2-minute rest period between readings) and then displays the average

Wide-Range D-Ring Cuff

is designed for a more comfortable measurement; fits arms 9” to 17” in circumference

Product Info


Our easy-to-use OMRON Platinum Wireless Bluetooth Upper Arm home blood pressure monitor (BP5450) is powered by OMRON Advanced Accuracy technology, which measures five times more data points for more consistent, precise readings. This OMRON-exclusive technology minimizes the impact your breathing and movements will have on your blood pressure reading results, helping to reduce measurement inconsistencies and errors.

The Platinum Upper Arm monitor features a horizontally designed, dual LCD monitor that fits a side-by-side comparison display, so you can immediately compare your current reading to your last reading, providing you easy access to your measurement data. The large, black, backlit side-by-side comparison display makes your readings easier to see.

This premium blood pressure monitor stores 200 blood pressure readings for two users (100 per user). Sync via Bluetooth to the free OMRON Connect app for unlimited memory, graphs and trend tracking, as well as unlimited users. The OMRON Connect app works with select iOS and Android devices (visit for compatibility), as well as with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices using the OMRON Health Skill.

Ideally, you will want to track the average of three consecutive blood pressure readings every time you check your blood pressure and share these averages with your physician. Along with Advanced Averaging, which automatically displays the average of up to the last three readings taken within the last 10 minutes, this premium blood pressure monitor also contains the OMRON-exclusive TruRead technology which, when turned on, automatically takes three consecutive readings at intervals you can customize for every measurement, and displays the average.

For some people, their blood pressure may be too high in the morning, often called, “morning high blood pressure” or “morning hypertension.” The unique High Morning Average Indicator will calculate your daily morning average blood pressure, and will alert you with a “HIGH” symbol on the display if your morning weekly average systolic blood pressure measures 130 mmHg or above, and/or your diastolic blood pressure is 80 mmHg or above.

This monitor also features another OMRON-exclusive, an Irregular Heartbeat Symbol that not only alerts you if an irregular heartbeat was detected during your measurement, but also displays the number of irregular heartbeats detected (up to three) during your measurement.

To optimize your measurement experience, you’ll receive the OMRON wide-range D-ring cuff with this monitor. Whether you have a standard- or large-sized arm, this contoured soft cuff comfortably fits adult arms ranging from 9” to 17” in circumference. It also includes a convenient AC adapter so your monitor is ready whenever you are.

NOTE: Unit operates on 4 AA batteries (included) and AC Adapter (included)

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Dimensions (approx.)

Length: 4.7", Width: 7.5", Height: 3.3"
Weight: 16.6 oz


  • -Wide-Range D-Ring Cuff: This durable, D-ring contoured cuff (HEM-RML31-B) is included with the unit, and fits arms 9" to 17" in circumference.

  • -Small D-Ring Cuff: This durable, D-ring contoured cuff (HEM-CS24-B) fits smaller arms 7" to 9" in circumference.

  • -AC Adapter: Having an OMRON AC Adapter (HEM-ADPTW5) eliminates the worry of changing batteries in your OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor.

  • -Protective LCD Cover: This sleek, protective BP monitor LCD cover (HEM-CACO-734) is designed to conveniently wrap around the blood pressure monitor to provide protection to the LCD and secure the cuff with the monitor for ease of storage and travel.



In Box

Includes: Blood Pressure Monitor, Wide-Range D-Ring Cuff (fits arms 9″ to 17″ in circumference), Storage Case, 4 AA Batteries, AC Adapter, Instruction Manual, Quick Start Guide

Limited Warranty

Your BP5450 Blood Pressure Monitor, excluding the arm cuff and batteries, is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship appearing within six years from the date of purchase, when used in accordance with the instructions provided with the monitor. The arm cuff is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship appearing within one year from the date of purchase, when the monitor is used in accordance with the instructions provided with the monitor. The above warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser. We will, at our option, replace without charge any monitor or arm cuff covered by the above warranty. Replacement is our only responsibility, and your only remedy under the above warranty. See Instruction Manual for full warranty details.

Blood Pressure

The ability to check your blood pressure easily, wherever you are, is essential not only to your health but to your peace of mind. When you do, it's important to have complete reassurance that your numbers are accurate. Get portability, convenience, and complete blood pressure accuracy right out of the box so you can go about your day with confidence. The accuracy of all OMRON blood pressure monitors—both upper arm and wrist models—is validated by three major global organizations that develop testing protocols.


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