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A personal TENS unit for multiple pains. Omron Pain Relief Pro® TENS unit (PM3031) is a versatile, yet simple option that offers more choices for more relief! Choose one of the eight modes to customize your therapy for when you have more than one body pain or use the massage-like modes just for relaxing. The Pain Relief Pro is available without a prescription, this powerful premium TENS unit helps manage muscle and joint pain in about 15 minutes. If you prefer to use it longer, you can use the Omron Pain Relief Pro for up to 30 minutes at one time up to 3 times per day for maximum relief of joint and muscle pain. Used by physical therapists for more than 30 years this TENS unit can be your 100% drug free solution for your pain management program.


  • TENS Technology: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology has been used by medical professionals such as physical therapists and chiropractors for more than 30 years
  • Portable: The Pain Relief Pro is a smart-phone sized unit for great portability
  • Accessible:Easy-to-read screen with large buttons allows for simple operation
  • Versatile: 8 pre-set modes offer more pain relief choices or a relaxing massage (arm, lower back, leg, foot, joints; tap, knead, rub)
  • Powerful: 10 levels of intensity for the right amount of relief.
  • Multiple Users:Ideal for sharing with other family members. Each person should have their own pads.
  • Easy To Travel With:Sturdy belt clip and soft carrying pouch for using anywhere, anytime.
  • 100% drug-free: It's safe and effective for home use

Product Info

30-day money back guarantee

In Box

Includes: unit, electrode cords, two Long Life pads, pad holder, cloth carrying case, 2 AAA batteries, instruction manual, quick start guide/pad placement guide



Limited Warranty

Your OMRON Pain Relief Pro unit and electrode cords are warranted for 1 year, excluding the batteries. The pads supplied with the unit are warranted for 30 days. They are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship if used in accordance with the instructions provided. The above warranties extend only to the original purchaser. We will, at our option, replace without charge, any unit covered by the above warranty. Replacement is our only responsibility and your only remedy under the above warranties.


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