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FAQs: Blood Pressure Monitors | Evolv (BP7000)

What type of batteries does the Evolv (BP7000) use? Is it compatible with Omron’s AC Adapter?

The monitor uses four “AAA” alkaline batteries. It operates only on four “AAA” batteries and is not compatible with an AC Adapter.

How should the Evolv (BP7000) be positioned on my upper arm?

Apply the cuff to your upper left arm with the Start/Stop button positioned facing toward your body.

Does it matter which arm I use to take a measurement?

Use the same arm when measuring your blood pressure each time because values can vary between your arms. Consult your doctor if values differ substantially.

Can I use the Evolv (BP7000) without pairing it to a smart device?

Yes, the monitor holds 100 readings. However, only the most current reading is displayed on the monitor. After you take your measurement, remove the cuff and record your SYS/DIA and Pulse readings along with the time and date.

What smart devices are compatible with the Evolv (BP7000)?
Please refer to our device compatibility matrix.
How do I pair the Evolv (BP7000) to my smart device?
  1. Make sure the Bluetooth on your smart device is turned on
  2. Download the Omron Connect App from the App Store or Google Play
  3. Open the App and follow the set-up and pairing instructions
  4. Your monitor is paired when “OK” is on the display
  5. After your readings have been transferred to the Omron Connect App, press the Start/Stop button to turn the monitor off
How do I know if the device has paired successfully?

If the monitor is connected successfully to the smart device, “OK” will appear on the display.

How do I pair if I have an existing Omron Connect account and app?

Go to the Profile section and add the device in “Manage devices”.

How do I change the date and time on the Evolv (BP7000)?

The date and time will automatically set when you pair your blood pressure monitor to the Omron Connect app. If you are using an app other than the Omron Connect app, the date and time will not be set. We recommend using the Omron Connect app and transferring data so measurements moving forward will have the correct date and time.

How many measurements will the Evolv (BP7000) save?

The Evolv blood pressure monitor stores 100 readings. When the monitor memory reaches 100 readings, your new readings will automatically overwrite the stored readings. To help ensure you are able to access all of your history, you need to pair your monitor to your smart device and use the Omron Connect app to view your measurements. The Omron Connect app will store an unlimited number of readings.

How do I take a measurement with the Evolv blood pressure monitor (BP7000)?

Once you have positioned the cuff correctly on your left upper arm, simply press the Start/Stop button and the arm cuff will start to inflate and take your measurement.

How do I transfer my readings?

As soon as your measurement is complete, tap the “sync” icon in the Omron Connect app on your smart device to transfer your readings. If your readings are successfully transferred to your smart device, “OK” will flash on your monitor’s display.

Can I transfer readings later?

Yes, open the Omron Connect app on your smart device and press the “Sync” button in the app to transfer your readings. If your readings have successfully transferred, “OK” will flash on the blood pressure monitor’s display.

How do I turn the Evolv (BP7000) off?

Push the Start/Stop button to turn the monitor off. The monitor will automatically turn off after 2 minutes.

Can I transfer the same readings more than once?

Once you send your readings to the app, they cannot be sent again to the app or another smart device.

Can multiple people use this one device?

To allow other people to use this blood pressure monitor, make sure to transfer all of your readings to your Omron Connect app account so there are no readings left in the blood pressure monitor memory.

People sharing this blood pressure monitor will need to create their own Omron Connect account. Once the other person has their own Omron Connect account created, they can then take their blood pressure measurement using this device, and transfer their readings to their Omron Connect account.

What is the warranty on the Evolv (BP7000)?

Your Evolv blood pressure monitor, excluding batteries, has a limited warranty of five years. See instruction manual for further detail.

How many readings can I take before I need to change the batteries?

You can take approximately 300 readings with new alkaline batteries.

Why is my Evolv (BP7000) not connecting and data not being transferred?
The blood pressure monitor may not be in the transmission range of your smart device. Move the monitor within 16 ft. (5 m) of your smart device and try again.

The date and time on your blood pressure monitor were not set when your reading was taken. If the date and time are not set when you take a reading, the reading may not transfer to the app correctly.

The Bluetooth® feature on your smart device is turned off. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your smart device and try sending the data again.

The Bluetooth® feature on your blood pressure monitor may be turned off. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your blood pressure monitor by holding the “sync” button down for more than 10 seconds. Release the button when “on” starts to blink on your blood pressure monitor’s display.

The blood pressure monitor did not pair successfully to the smart device. Try to pair the monitor again.  Confirm that your smart device is compatible by referring to the device compatibility matrix.

The application on the smart device is not ready. Check the application then tap “Sync” on the app, and try sending the data again. If the error symbol still displays after checking the application, contact customer service.

If you restored this Evolv blood pressure monitor to its original settings, your blood pressure monitor will no longer be paired to the Omron Connect app and your readings will not transfer.

To clear this monitor from your smart device and enable it to re-pair again, First go to your smart device “Settings/Bluetooth” section and then choose “Forget this Device.”

You will then need to re-pair your blood pressure monitor by holding down the “sync” button on your blood pressure monitor until the flashing “P” shows on the display. Next, open the Omron Connect app and continue to follow the pairing instructions on the app.

How can I protect my data from being viewed by someone else if I lost my phone or I purchase a new phone?

To help prevent someone else from opening the Omron Connect app on your phone and seeing your data, please change your password on your Omron Connect app when you first open the app on your new phone.