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  • COVID-19

    View up to date information, news & peer reviewed studies on heart health, respiratory health & COVID-19.

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  • Body Composition Monitors & Scales

    OMRON Body Composition Monitors FAQs | Clinically validated body composition monitors can be a vital tool in helping to combat overweight and obesity.

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  • Respiratory

    OMRON Respiratory FAQs | OMRON offers a wide range of nebulizers for you to choose from, and are designed to treat different respiratory diseases.

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  • Thermometers

    OMRON Thermometers FAQs

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  • TENS-Athletes

    OMRON offers a variety of TENS units.

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  • Fitness Devices

    OMRON offers a variety of fitness devices & accessories such as the coveted HeartGuide wearable blood pressure monitor, body composition scales & more.

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  • body-composition

    OMRON Healthcare Body Composition Monitor & Scale Comparison Chart | Compare functionality of various composition monitors & scales in one chart.

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  • New Blood Pressure Monitor And Scale Allow Chronically Ill Patients To Stay At Home While Connected To Healthcare Professionals

    New OMRON blood pressure monitor & scale allow chronically ill patients to stay at home while connected to healthcare professionals through mobile devices.

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  • Father’s Day Heart Healthy Gift Guide

    Say Happy Father’s Day with our heart-wise gift ideas that he will enjoy & appreciate as you help him stay in top form with snacks & technology.

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  • 3 New Ways to think about Weight for Healthy Weight Week

    Healthy Weight Week focuses on realistic, body-image- positive weight goals. Instead of swimsuit size, these goals target true health and well-being.

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  • CES 2022: OMRON Healthcare Introduces Remote Patient Monitoring Services Globally, Expands Digital Health Services to Aid Consumers on Every Step of Their Heart Health Journey

    OMRON announces new services in the U.S., U.K., & Singapore, designed to strengthen the patient-physician connection & access to telehealth monitoring.

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  • Worldwide Sales of OMRON Healthcare Blood Pressure Monitors Top 300 Million Units as Company Advances Its Going for Zero Mission

    300 Million Blood Pressure Monitors - An important milestone reached in OMRON Healthcare’s mission of eliminating heart attacks & strokes.

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  • OMRON Healthcare Continues to Transform the Heart Health Marketplace with New Remote Patient Monitoring Service & Digital Health Tools at CES 2021

    OMRON introduces VitalSight remote patient monitoring & previews new app that increases the capabilities of OMRON connected blood pressure monitors

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  • OMRON Healthcare and Mount Sinai Health System Collaborate to Help High-Risk Patients Monitor Their Blood Pressure from Home with VitalSight™

    OMRON Healthcare and Mount Sinai Health System Collaborate to Help High-Risk Patients Monitor Their Blood Pressure from Home with VitalSight™

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  • AliveCor and OMRON Announce Global Strategic Alliance for Comprehensive Remote Cardiovascular Monitoring

    Strategic alliance combines AliveCor’s ECG tech with industry-leading blood pressure devices from OMRON to expand access to remote patient care.

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  • Men, stay positive about hypertension and heart health

    Hypertension and heart health are closely related, with 25% of cardiovascular events—like heart failure and coronary heart disease—connected to hypertension. Both hypertension and heart disease affect men uniquely.

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