FAQs: Respiratory

Mesh caps are maintenance items and, therefore, do not carry any warranty. You Properly maintaining your mesh caps will prolong the life of your mesh cap.

What is the warranty on my mesh cap?

Mesh caps are maintenance items and do not carry any warranty. Properly maintaining your mesh caps will prolong the life of your mesh cap.

How do I properly maintain my mesh cap?

1. After each inhalation treatment, remove the Mesh Cap from the Medication Bottle and discard remaining medication.
2. Pour a small amount of distilled water into the Medication Bottle and replace the Mesh Cap.
3. Turn on the unit to nebulize the water for 1-2 minutes to remove residual medication in mesh holes.
4. Turn off unit and remove the Medication Bottle from the Main Unit.
5. Remove the Mesh Cap from the Medication Bottle and discard remaining water from the Medication Bottle.
6. Rinse the Medication Bottle, Mesh Cap and other attached parts in distilled water. Do not wash the Medication Bottle or Mesh Cap under strong running tap water.
7. Wipe off excess water with a clean dry cloth and allow the parts to dry thoroughly in a clean environment. Do not use any type of cloth or tissue to wipe the Mesh Cap, the fibers may clog the holes of the Mesh Cap.
8. Reassemble the device and store it in the Storage Case or in a clean environment.

Can I file an insurance claim for the purchase of my Nebulizer System or Peak Flow meter?

Consumers should contact their individual insurance company to determine whether the purchase of a nebulizer system or peak flow meter is covered by their insurance.
Your Insurance company may ask for the CPT code:

Nebulizer System:
General aerosol treatment non-pressurized – CPT 94640
First treatment: CPT 94664
Second treatment: CPT 94665

How is a Peak Flow Meter used?

Attach the appropriate size mouthpiece on the input side of the Peak Flow Meter. Slide the indicator to the bottom (zero) side of the scale. Take a deep breath, put your mouth tightly over the mouthpiece and blow out hard and fast as possible, a short sharp blast. You do not have to expel all of the air in your lungs. The final position of the indicator is your PEFR (peak expiratory flow rate).

What Omron Nebulizer Systems are approved for Medicare reimbursement?

The following are current HCPC codes for Nebulizers:

E0570 – Standard Nebulizer with Compressor
Model Numbers: NE-C16, NE-C18, NE-C21V, NE-C25, NE-C28, NE-C30

E0571 – Battery Powered Aerosol Nebulizer
Model Numbers: NE-C21with Battery Pack

E0574 – Ultrasonic/electronic aerosol generator with small volume nebulizer
Model Numbers: NE-U22V

A7005 – Non-Disposable (Reusable) Nebulizer Administration Set
Part Number: 9914, 9978-1

A7003 – Disposable Nebulizer Kit

How do I clean the NE-U22V nebulizer?

Download and follow the full cleaning instructions here