FAQs: Activity Tracker

The unit accurately measures activity anywhere you want to put it: the upper front pocket of a shirt, the front pocket of your pants or onto your waist!

How should I wear the unit to ensure accurate results?

The unit accurately measures activity in your pocket, or anywhere you want to put it, including upper front pocket of a shirt, the front pocket of your pants or attached to your waist.

The unit may not measure your activity correctly in the following conditions:

  • The unit moves irregularly (when placed in a bag or when dangling from your waist)
  • Walking at an inconsistent pace (shuffling feet, wearing sandals or starting and stopping frequently
  • Up and down movement (standing up/sitting down, climbing up or down stairs, playing sports other than walking and running, engaged in an upper-body workout)
  • Vibrations from a moving vehicle
  • Walking slowly
  • Running or walking with the unit held in your hand.

How do I determine stride length?

Walk 10 steps with your normal stride (for jogging stride length, jog 10 steps in your normal stride). Measure the distance from start to end in inches. Calculate your stride length by dividing the total distance that you measured by 10. Stride length = total distance in inches.

For example:

Total distance (10 steps) = 320”
Stride length formula = 320” / 10 = 32”

How do I use the Weekly Calories Burned Goal Tracker?

When you set how much weight you want to lose in four weeks, the activity monitor calculates the target activity calories you should burn in a week to support your weight loss goals. The weekly target of activity calories is displayed as 100%. The value for your usual activity calories is updated every four weeks based on your activities.

What is the animated figure on my display?

This is your “congratulations” mark, which is displayed when you have achieved your weekly target. When you have almost achieved your weekly target, the mark raises one hand to encourage you.

I have a battery with an X image displaying on the monitor.

Your battery may need to be replaced. Refer to your instruction manual on how to replace the CR2032 battery.

My display is blank.

Your monitor’s battery saving mode may be active. Press either the memory, display or start buttons to engage. If that does not work, you may need to replace your battery or ensure that the battery is correctly installed.

An error message is displayed.

A malfunction may have occurred. Remove the battery and insert it again.

How do I transfer my data?

The data can be transferred to a computer simply by using the Omron NFC Communication Tray.

My display is showing a T symbol.

The symbol represents the Memory/Transfer indicator. It is continuously displayed when eight hours of data has been stored in the memory, indicating that you should transfer the data via optional NFC Communication Tray soon. When the memory is full, the unit will begin to delete the oldest data to make room for new workouts.

My data cannot be transferred.

Ensure the following steps have been taken before transferring data:

  1. Download and install NFC Tray software to your computer. Start the software program.
  2. Properly connect the NFC Communication Tray via an USB port on your computer.
  3. Make sure workout mode is off on your activity monitor.
  4. Match the marks on your activity monitor and the NFC Communications Tray.

If the data transfer is still not working after trying the above troubleshooting tips, there may be a data transfer failure occurring. Please contact Omron’s Consumer Support.

An error displayed during the data transfer.

There may have been a communication error. Check the display on your computer and follow the instruction provided. If the error still occurs, contact Omron’s Consumer Support.

How should I clean my activity monitor?

Use a soft dry cloth to clean the face of the unit. Do not wash it or touch with wet hands. Be careful that water does not get into the unit.

How do I clean my NFC Communications Tray?

Clean the unit with a soft, dry cloth. To remove stubborn stains, wipe the unit with a damp cloth moistened with water or mild detergent. Do not immerse the unit of any components in water.