Electrotherapy is a means to reduce muscle or joint pain by applying electrical nerve stimulation to the surface of the skin near the site of the pain.

Electrotherapy, also known as TENS, is a drug-free, non-invasive therapy designed to reduce and relieve numbness in the arms, legs and foot by applying electrical nerve stimulation to the surface of the skin near the site of the pain.

Scientific theory suggests TENS can work in several ways, including: the pulses can block the pain message from reaching the brain, the stimulation triggers the body to produce more endorphins (a natural pain killer) or the therapy improves blood circulation.

This therapy works best on acute pain versus chronic pain, which is more serious.

No, this type of therapy does not cure the underlying cause of your pain. It can provide temporary relief or reduction of pain.

Yes, TENS has been prescribed and used for more than 30 years by medical professionals such as physicians, physical therapists and chiropractors as an effective pain relief solution.  OMRON electroTHERAPY is available over the counter without a prescription.

Any adult who suffers from muscle or joint pain can use this therapy. However, it should not be used by children, pregnant women or anyone who has an implanted metallic or electronic device. Ask your physician if you have any questions related to your health.

Consult your physician and/or insurance company to determine if a TENS device would be covered for your specific pain management needs.

OMRON TENS units are a simple, drug-free solution for relief of muscle and joint pain. Under your personalized control, our line of portable TENS units deliver gentle massage-like pulses, providing on the spot pain relief. Available without a prescription, OMRON TENS units may help relieve pain in about 15 minutes.

OMRON TENS units are available at the OMRON online store and other fine retailers nationwide.

OMRON TENS units are for sale without a prescription.

Use the unit as soon as your pain begins. If you get to your pain early, it may prevent the pain from becoming worse. The earlier you get your pain under control, the better chance you have to keep up with your daily activities.

You can begin with one 15-minute therapy session. Repeat for another 15 minutes if needed.  Use up to three times per day at a maximum. During each therapy, rate your pain before and after the session, 1 (low) to 10 (high) in order to gauge the true reduction of pain.

You can use OMRON TENS units on multiple body parts, including: lower back, sciatic, deltoid, upper arm, elbow, hip & thigh, knee, calf, ankle and foot. View our Pad Placement Guide for more information.

The Pocket Pain Pro, Pain Relief Pro, Max Power Relief and Heat Pain Pro may be used on the arms, shoulders, legs, lower back, feet, and joints such as knees/wrists/ankles/elbows.

The OMRON Pocket Pain Pro, Pain Relief Pro, Max Power Relief, and Heat Pain Pro units may be used on the shoulder in all positions. This includes the upper arm and the upper back or shoulder blade area. See pad placement guide for exact positions. Feel free to use any of the modes, including shoulder, on your shoulder pain. Choose the one that is most comfortable on your pain.

Keep the device along with your Quick Start Guide and Instruction Manual in the original packaging or carrying pouch that comes with the unit. The electrode cords should remain attached to the Long Life Pads. The electrode cords can be wrapped around the included pad holder. Store all components in a dry, cool location.

Yes, TENS therapy is a good adjunct therapy in addition to your regular pain regimen such as heat, cold, wraps, physical therapy and medications. Always ask your physician if you have any questions about your health.

Any of the OMRON TENS units can easily be shared with other family members. Please make sure that each person has their own set of Long Life Pads or electrode cord with gel pads to prevent cross-contamination between individuals. To share the Heat Pain Pro, we recommend that each user have a separate electrode cord because the gel pads are connected.

All modes are pre-set and designed by healthcare professionals for specific body pains. For example, in the lower back mode, the electrical stimulation pattern was designed to treat the type of pain found in the larger muscles of the lower back.

Push the “ON” button and the default program “blinks” (unit defaults to the last program at the lowest intensity level). Personalize your therapy by pushing the orange circle button to a pre-set program (Arm, Lower Back, and Leg/Foot).

Each time you push the orange circle button, it switches to the next program at the lowest intensity level. Depending on the program, you will feel a gentle combination of tapping, kneading or pulsing sensations that vary in pulse speed.

Push the power button and the default program “blinks.” Personalize your therapy by using the arrows to click through the modes: Arm/Shoulders, Lower Back, Leg/Foot, Knead, and Steady when you determine the right one, press the set button, then use the arrows to control the intensity of the pulses

On the top of the LCD screen, there are names of the different modes that are available. The mode you are using will be highlighted on the screen.

Press the Mode button up or down to switch between modes. Keep pressing the mode button until you find the stimulation pattern that feels good on your pain.

It is not possible to combine any of the modes. You can only use one mode at a time but there is enough differentiation that you will find something that works on your pain.

The blinking light indicates intensity level selected from one blink (weak) to five (strong). For example, two blinks means you are at level 2.

The TENS units start on the lowest intensity settings, press the intensity power buttons up or down to pick the level that feels most comfortable on your pain; go up a power level if the therapy feels too weak or go down if you feel uncomfortable or your muscles contract too much.

It depends on each individual, some may require higher levels of power for the TENS therapy to be effective on their pain.

The Max Power Relief has more features and two times the power. The power, delivered in milliamperes, provides stronger stimulation compared to the OMRON Pain Relief, Pain Relief Pro and Heat Pain Pro. It also has a total of 9 modes.

The biggest difference is the addition of heat; the device warms and soothes the muscle prior to receiving TENS therapy. It also has three therapy types, 9 modes, and 20 power levels. The device is also rechargeable.

TENS and heat have been used by medical professionals for decades, in lieu of applying heat before treatment; the Heat Pain Pro has heat built into its pain management therapy. You can customize your treatment by controlling the amount of heat (Low or High).

Heat intensity can be adjusted through the heat settings. Therapy Combo 1 uses heat in the first half of therapy while Combo 2 alternates between heat and TENS.

Yes, under therapy, use the arrow to choose the TENS setting.

New batteries (two AAA alkaline batteries) will last approximately three months when used for 15 minutes a day in the lower back mode at maximum intensity.

If the battery is getting low, the battery icon will light up on the screen to let you know that you should replace the batteries soon.

On a full charge, the battery should last about nine 30 minute sessions and takes about five hours to fully charge once the battery is empty. You cannot use the unit while the battery is charging.

If you plan on moving around during therapy, we suggest using the sturdy belt clip.

The pad icon will light up to warn you that the pads are not in place and the therapy is not working.

In the lower right hand corner of the screen, you will see a number indicating how many minutes are left in the therapy. The therapy starts and counts down to zero, the unit will shut off automatically.

Do not put the pads on or near your heart, directly on your chest, or on your neck. This could cause heart disturbance.

They should be a minimum of 1 inch apart on clean, dry, healthy skin; the pads should never touch or overlap.

The Gel Pads were designed to be used with the heat function of the Heat Pain Pro and the pads are attached to the electrode cord. To share the unit, we recommend that each user have their own electrode cord with gel pads to prevent cross contamination.

The Long Life Pads are good for up 150 uses or 5 months based on daily usage. Caring for your pads is easy; simply clean the pads as recommended up to 10 times. When replacing your pads, remove the protective film from the pads and place on the holder provided when you purchased your pain relief unit.

The Gel Pads last up to 30 uses. We recommend changing the gel when they no longer firmly stick to your skin or when less than 25% sticks to the skin. When replacing your gels on the Heat pain Pro, remove the protective film and install gel on the original pad. Do not rinse under water or clean the gel pads.

Yes, it does matter. The side of the gel with the blank plastic film is more adhesive so it sticks to the pads instead of your skin when the pads are removed from skin after treatment. Please follow these instructions when applying your Gel Refill: Each gel has 2 plastic films, on the top and bottom. Remove the blank plastic film first and place the gel squarely onto the dark surface of the pad. Then, remove the plastic film that has the word “SKIN” printed on it, and apply the pad to your skin.

No, once the gels are removed from the pad, their quality diminishes and will not be able to be reapplied and a new gel will need to be applied. Once you have applied the gels to the pad, do not remove them until you are ready to replace them.

The HI heat setting of the Heat Pain Pro reaches 110 F, comparable to a low setting on a heating pad.

The numbers and their correlating mode names can be found on the side of the actual device or within the Instruction Manual and Quick Start Guide. Further, the description of each mode can be found in the instruction manual.

First, turn the power off and disconnect the pads from the electrode cord. Then, wash the pads gently with your fingertips under slow running cold water for several seconds. Long Life Pads can be washed up to 10 times. Let the pads completely air dry before reconnecting to your unit. Do not wipe pads with any towels or cloth. We recommend cleaning your pads after 15 uses.

Long Life Pads in standard and large sizes and Gel Refills can be purchased at our OMRON Webstore. We recommend that each user of the OMRON TENS unit have their own set of pads or electrode cord with gel pads for the Heat Pain Pro

The Long Life Pads come in two different sizes. Standard size pads come with the TENS units and are 4″ H x 2.5″ W each and work on multiple body parts. Standard size pad refills can be purchased separately. Large sized Long Life Pads are 25% larger than standard pads — 4.75″ H x 3″ W — and are good for covering a wider area of pain while ergonomically shaped to fit curves.

If the area of pain covers a wide length or width, the large pads may be a good choice. The large Long Life Pads are good for lower backs, legs, thighs, hips on normal to larger men and women.

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Each OMRON TENS has a limited 1 year warranty if the unit is registered.

Each OMRON TENS has a limited 30 day warranty if the pads or gel refills are registered.

Register your product on-line at .  Keep your purchase receipt as proof of purchase for warranty coverage.