Have questions about the free OMRON TENS App? Use these FAQs & find answers to common questions like compatibility, where to download & more.

A mobile app (or application) is software designed to run on your smartphone or tablet. The OMRON TENS app allows you to wirelessly control the Avail Dual Channel Wireless TENS devices from your smartphone or hand held device, as well as track your pain and TENS therapy treatments.

Click here for a complete list of compatible devices. The Avail Wireless, Dual Channel TENS Unit

Our mobile app is available for FREE.

Download Free on App Store or Google Play. The OMRON TENS Mobile App is only available in the United States, and is not supported in other countries.

 OMRON activity tracker

If your phone is lost or stolen, follow these steps on your new phone,

  1. Re-install the OMRON connect US/CAN/EMEA app. Use the “forgot password” function and change your password.
  2. Re-pair your blood pressure monitor. Go to Profile -> Connected Devices screen. Unpair the monitor. Tap “Add new device” to continue pairing the monitor.


Note: If you have not opted for EKG cloud access, your EKG readings will be lost upon log in to the app on a new phone. You can retrieve your readings by opting for EKG cloud access by subscribing to premium services.

While some other devices and operating systems may have worked in the past or on occasion, new updates may prevent them from working in the future.

This app needs to access your location to connect to Bluetooth.

This app will be able to access Storage to allow feedback to be sent to our Consumer Support Team via the app.