FAQs: Blood Pressure Monitors | HeartGuide

How does HeartGuide measure my blood pressure? HeartGuide uses the traditional, clinically validated oscillometric method to measure blood pressure.

HeartGuide uses the traditional, clinically validated oscillometric method to measure blood pressure, which will inflate the cuff around your radial artery in your wrist to obtain a blood pressure reading.  It’s the same method used in your doctor’s office.

The cuffs are not removable on HeartGuide.

Only your last measurement, or input data will be displayed. To view the rest of your history, you will need to use the app.

HeartGuide also can track steps, distance, aerobic steps, calories burned, hours slept and awake time, as well as low or high movement during sleep.

HeartGuide videos can be found here.

HeartGuide uses a rechargeable battery and includes a USB charging cable.

Once fully charged, the battery will last for approximately 2 days, depending on use and storage conditions.

It takes about 1.5-2 hours to fully charge once the battery is empty.

Included in the box: HeartGuide wearable blood pressure monitor, charging clip & cable, AC adapter, two replacement cuff covers, paper sizing guide, instruction manual and quick start guide.

Blood pressure readings – up to 100; Activity data – up to 7 days; Sleep data – up to 7 times; Event data – up to 100 events.

You can use HeartGuide on either your right, or your left wrist. Blood pressure can differ between the right and left wrists, and readings can be different. OMRON® recommends always using the same wrist when measuring blood pressure. Consult with your physician to determine which wrist you should use for your measurements.

To wear your HeartGuide on your right wrist:

  1. Press and hold both [START/STOP] button and [FORWARD] button for more than 3 seconds.
  2. Press the [HOME] button for the wrist setting.
  3. Press the [HOME] button to wear your HeartGuide on your right wrist.

Please note that wearing HeartGuide on your left wrist is the default setting.  The current setting is indicated by a bracket surrounding it.

Your monitor does not have water-resistant functionality. Do not immerse your monitor in water.

When using HeartGuide without a smart device, you can take only blood pressure measurements. You will not be able to view your prior readings that have been stored in the memory, you will need to pair to the app to view history.

HeartGuide only works with the OMRON connect US/CAN app.

The following items will be measured: Steps, Calories burned, Distance, Aerobic steps.

The following items will be measured:  Sleep period time, Awake time.

Your monitor receives a notification (phone call, message and email) from your smart device. When your monitor receives a notification, your HeartGuide will gently vibrate. The notifications feature can be toggled on or off through your OMRON connect US/CAN app.

Yes. The HeartGuide reminder function will alert you at a specific time of day with vibration and the “Reminder” icon on the display. The time for the reminder can only be set on the app.

HeartGuide includes the OMRON “Heart Zone Indicator” to help position your wrist correctly at your heart zone during measurement.