FAQs: Mira Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mira?

Mira is a stylish, smart jewelry line that not only captures your activity, but fits with your personal style and helps you feel better. Mira is a partner in your health and wellness. We create design-forward and fashion-focused products that women actually want to wear, enabling them to get deeper insights around their habits and make healthier choices everyday. We believe tech, fashion and function are not mutually exclusive, and that the data should tell your personal story.

What Are Boosts and How Do They Work?

Boosts are wellness and fitness tips in the Mira app that give you simple and easy ways to keep active and achieve your personal goals. When you need a little motivation, simply tap the Need Inspiration button in the app.

How Is It Different From Other Fitness Tracking Devices?

Mira is designed for and inspired by women. By designing a smart bracelet that is versatile, durable and stylish enough to be worn whenever and wherever, Mira is able to get a real understanding of your daily habits. We then take that data and give you informative, honest and fun messages that helps you answer the question “So what?” when it comes to understanding their activity patterns.

  • Our app offers personal suggestions, boosts and feedback relevant to you and your preferences.
  • Our bracelet is beautiful, so you’re motivated to wear it more often and to more places.
  • The opal is removable, so you can clip it on your shirt when you go to the gym or want to change your look.
  • The app shows your data in easy to understand ways, providing insights around your activity and motivational messages that inspire you to move.
  • The device has an LED Display that shows your stats as well as the time of day, so you can view your stats on-the-go and also wear your Mira as a watch.

Is Mira Available In Multiple Colors?

Mira is available in several colors:

Heart of Gold, Hot Chocolate, Polished Jetsetter, Satin Rosé All Day and Polished Rosé All Day.

Are There Different Sizes? What Are They and How Do I know What Size I Am?

The setting is available in three sizes: petite, small and medium. View our sizing guide to find your fit.

What Is Mira Made Of?

Mira is made of a surgical-grade stainless steel that has been color-treated to give the material its beautiful luster.

Can The Bracelet Rust?

The bracelet will not rust. Avoid getting your Mira wet and treat it like your favorite everyday jewelry to help ensure longevity.

Can The Bracelet Irritate My Skin?

Our Mira bracelet is made of surgical-grade stainless steel and contains small amounts of nickel. As with any type of jewelry, some people may experience allergies. Numerous factors can cause an allergy, such as nickel sensitivity, reactions to bacteria that can accumulate, a reaction between the bracelet and your soap or perspiration or an allergy to the material of the bracelet.

We recommend these care and wearing tips:

  • Keep your bracelet clean with a soft cloth (soap or chemicals are not needed).
  • Wear your Mira bracelet loosely enough to allow air circulation.
  • Use skin care products sparingly on the areas of the wrist covered by the Mira bracelet.
  • If you notice any signs of skin irritation or experience any discomfort, please discontinue use.

Is Mira Waterproof?

Mira is not waterproof, but it is sweat-resistant. Do not shower, bathe or swim while wearing your Mira device.

How Do I Put On The Bracelet?

The bracelet has been manufactured to allow it to slightly bend open and close. Go ahead and adjust the bracelet in order to fit your wrist. It is meant to be worn a little higher on the arm–like a bangle vs. a watch.

How Do I Adjust My Mira Bracelet?

Mira is made from durable and pliable surgical-grade stainless steel, and is designed to be adjustable. You can bend the bracelet slightly to slip it on your wrist or press it closed to get your desired fit.

Also note that you can wear your Mira bracelet with the opening facing inside or outside of your wrist. Depending on which way you choose, you can change the Display Orientation of your tracker screen in the Mira app. To change the orientation, go to the menu bar in upper left hand corner and choose Settings > Display Orientation and switch from “normal” to “flipped.”

How Will I Know When The Opal Is Properly Clipped Into The Setting?

You’ll hear a click when the opal is correctly and securely clipped in. See how it’s done.

How Do I Remove The Opal From The Setting?

Use the small latch on the underside of the setting to remove the opal.See how it’s done

How Should I Wear the Detachable Opal?

The opal can be worn clipped to your belt loop or in your front pants pocket. You can also clip it to a shirt collar or bra strap.

Can I Clip The Entire Bracelet To My Shirt or Clothes?

The bracelet is intended to be worn on the wrist. If you’d like wear your Mira clipped on your clothes or in a pocket, you can snap the opal out of the setting.

Does Mira Come With an Adapter?

Mira does not come with an adapter. It can be plugged into a computer or any compatible adapter. For example, the adapter for your iPhone or iPad will work just fine. Adapters for USB charging are available from a number of retail stores.

What if My Tracker Gets Scratched?

Even though the opal has been developed to prevent scratching, it is not recommended to wear the bracelet close to other jewelry that could possibly scratch the display. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to get scratches out once they appear.

What Devices and Software Platforms Are Compatible With Mira?

  • iPhone® 4S and above
  • iPad® (3rd Generation and above)
  • iPad Mini™
  • iPod Touch® (5th Generation and above)
  • iOS 7 and above
  • Android 4.4 and above

How Does Mira Measure Elevation?

Your Mira has an altimeter to measure elevation. Walking uphill and up stairs definitely counts! If you’re tracking flights of stairs, consider a flight approximately 10ft. Mira will not be able to detect changes in elevation on a stair climber or stair step machine, but will count your steps.

How Do I Check The Time or Stats On The Mira?

The Mira device has an OLED display so you can easily check your progress throughout the day. To check your stats while on the go, lightly pinch sides of the bracelet for one second and release. Your Mira will display your primary metric (which you selected during setup in the Mira app) and then display the time.



To check all of your stats, lightly pinch the device for 5 seconds. As you pinch, the device will scroll through all your metrics (steps, calories, distance, and elevation). It’s important to note that you must pinch the edges of the actual device, not the bracelet for this feature to work.

View Mira Pinch Feature

How Long Does a Charge Last and How Frequently Should I Charge The Device?

As with all electronic devices, it depends on how much you use it. Typically, a full charge will last up to 5 days depending on the user. It is best to charge your Mira device when the battery gets lower than 20 percent. For instructions on how to check your battery, please see the User Guide.

Is It Good To Charge The Device Overnight?

The Mira battery is designed to last several days, so while it is not necessary to charge the Lithium Polymer battery every night, it will not aversely affect the bracelet. Be sure to charge your Mira device when the battery gets lower than 20 percent

I'm Having Trouble Charging. What Should I Do?

Sometimes sweat or other moisture can cause oxidation on the charging contacts. We recommend cleaning the contacts on the back of tracker and charger pins with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab, or with a slightly damp cloth. Place your Mira back on the charger. You will know it’s charging when the battery icon lights up.

If your Mira is on the charger but not properly “locked” in, it won’t charge. The circles on the charger must line up with the pins on the underside of your tracker. Adjust your tracker on the charger until you see the screen light up and the battery icon appear. The screen will light up initially but won’t stay lit even though it continues charging.

How Will I know When the Battery Is Getting Low?

If your Mira opal has a low battery, it will flash a battery icon when you pinch the tracker to track the time or your stats. You will be notified in the Mira application when the battery is low. You can also check your battery level under Settings in the Mira app.

What If I Lose The Opal, Setting or Charger?

Please visit our shop to purchase replacement parts or contact our customer service team.

How Do I Sync Mira to The Application?

Mira automatically syncs every time you open the Mira app.

How Does Mira Estimate the Calories I Burn?

Mira has the technology to measure steps and pace; the data from the tracker connects with the information you input during setup (age, weight, height, etc.) to provide calories burned.

Can You Set a Personal Step Goal in The Mira App?

You can set your daily step goal in the iOS version of the app. Your Mira opal will buzz and send you a celebratory message when you’ve hit your goal. You can adjust your step goal at any time. Coming soon to Android.

  • Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of your Mira app.
  • Go to My Profile.
  • Tap the step count listed under Daily Goal to set a new goal number.

How Does the Mira App Work?

Please see the User Guide for details.

Mira User Guide

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Mira Legal Terms/Warranty Info

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