FAQs: Mira Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Put On The Bracelet?

The bracelet has been manufactured to allow it to slightly bend open and close. Go ahead and adjust the bracelet in order to fit your wrist. It is meant to be worn a little higher on the arm–like a bangle vs. a watch.

How Will I Know When The Opal Is Properly Clipped Into The Setting?

You’ll hear a click when the opal is correctly and securely clipped in. See how it’s done.

How Do I Remove The Opal From The Setting?

Use the small latch on the underside of the setting to remove the opal.See how it’s done

What if My Tracker Gets Scratched?

Even though the opal has been developed to prevent scratching, it is not recommended to wear the bracelet close to other jewelry that could possibly scratch the display. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to get scratches out once they appear.