FAQs: Omron Connect

What is the Omron Connect Mobile App? A mobile app (or application) is software designed to run on your smartphone or tablet.

What is the Omron Connect Mobile App?

A mobile app (or application) is software designed to run on your smartphone or tablet. The Omron Connect mobile app lets you wirelessly transfer data from your BP monitor to your smartphone or hand-held device and upload your readings to the app and website.

What devices and Omron Products are compatible with the Omron Wellness Website and Omron Fitness Mobile App?

Click here for a complete list of compatible devices.

How much does the Omron Connect Mobile App cost?

Our mobile app is available for FREE.

Where can I download the Omron Connect Mobile App?

Download Free on App Store or Google Play




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What happens if I take a reading before pairing it to my mobile device?

If you take a reading before pairing the monitor to your mobile device, all prior data is lost.

How do I use this blood pressure monitors with multiple users?

– To allow other people to also use this blood pressure monitor, make sure to transfer all of your readings to your Omron Connect app account so there are no readings left in the blood pressure monitor memory.

– The person sharing this blood pressure monitor will need to create their own individual Omron Connect account.

– Once the other person has their own Omron Connect account created, they can then take their own blood pressure measurement using this device, and then pair the blood pressure monitor and transfer their readings to their Omron Connect account.

Why do I only see a blue screen when launching the app for Android?

The app needs the latest version of “Android System Webview”. Please follow the below steps and try again:

–Open Google Play on your mobile device
–Search for “Android System Webview”
–If there is an update available, update the app
–Launch the Omron Connect app again

What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

If you have a new phone, you will need to re-install the Omron Connect app, login to the app, go to profile and change password.

If I reset my Evolv BP Monitor, what do I need to do in order to transfer my data?

Reset the Monitor by pressing the transfer and Start/Stop buttons. By doing this operation, the Evolv will forget the pairing information and the smartphone or tablet will not be able to communicate with the Monitor. In order to communicate, you will need to delete the pairing information from the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone or tablet and then begin the pairing process again.

Am I able to manually input or remove activity readings in the mobile app?

Yes, those functions are supported.

My phone or tablet was compatible previously, but is not with the latest version of the Omron Connect Mobile App?

While some other devices and operating systems may have worked in the past or on occasion, new updates may prevent them from working in the future.

My data was transferring from Blood Pressure Monitor to my smartphone or tablet. I killed the app during the process. Now I don’t see the data on the App or Website.

Please don’t kill the app when data transfer is in progress (Manual/AutoSync). This might lead to data loss and you will not be able to view the data in the App or Website.

Do you show individual blood pressure readings in all charts?

In the month chart we display “Average Readings per Day” and in the year chart we display “Average Readings per Month.”

Why is location permission asked when installing the Omron Connect US app for Android?

Location must be enabled for readings to be transferred from the BP Monitor to your mobile device, beginning with Marshmallow.