FAQs: Omron Wellness | Driver

OMRON Wellness Driver FAQs | The OMRON driver is a desktop app that connects your device to OmronWellness.com & facilitates the transfer of data.

What is the Omron Driver?

The Omron driver is a desktop application that connects your device to OmronWellness.com and facilitates the transfer of your data.

What devices require the Omron Driver to connect to OmronWellness.com?

  • Alvita USB Pedometers (HJ-322U/HJ-323U/HJ-324U)
  • Omron Pocket Pedometer (HJ-720ITC)
  • Omron 10 Series+ Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (BP791IT)

Do I need an Omron Wellness account to download the Omron Driver?

Yes, you need to create a FREE account to use OmronWellness.com with your compatible device.

I already have an account for OmronFitness.com, can I use that email and password?

Yes, we have migrated your account and data to OmronWellness.com.

Do I need to download the Omron Driver again?

Yes, the new Omron Driver is required to upload data into your Omron Wellness account.

Where can I find the Omron driver?

The driver can be downloaded from the helpful links section of your Omron Wellness Dashboard.

How do I install the driver?

After creating your Omron Wellness account, go to your dashboard and select the Omron Driver in the helpful links section. Follow the on screen instructions.

How do I transfer data to OmronWellness.com with the Omron Driver?

  1. Log in to your Omron Wellness account
  2. Connect your device to your PC
  3. Select your compatible Omron device on screen
  4. Click Upload Data and/or Start Upload and follow the instructions on screen

I’ve uploaded my data, why can’t I see it?

There may be a brief delay before your data is available in your dashboard.

What system is the Omron Driver compatible with?

The Omron Driver works on Windows PCs and OS X for Mac users.